Woman welcomes more than 400 abandoned animals in Brasilia – 06/14/2022

A resident of Brasília (DF) decided to dedicate her life to rescuing abandoned animals or victims of abuse in her city. Deuzenice Matos, 51, currently takes care of more than 400 dogs, spending more than three tons of food per month. To maintain food, space and veterinary care, the protector has the support of donors. To do so, she uses social media to show her work, raise awareness of the animal cause and raise donations.

She lives with the animals on a 6,000 m² rural property. The place is divided into sections, according to the autonomy of the “guests” — it even has cribs for the most vulnerable. She receives help from volunteers to care for the animals, which are mostly debilitated dogs that would have been euthanized when they were rescued by her. THE echoshe says that she has been working on the site for 10 years, and that she is always in need of support.

“Since I was a child, I feel sorry for seeing them dirty and hungry and I take them in. Some owners have them euthanized because they are sick and don’t want to spend or still treat incurable diseases. Veterinarians appeal for a home and in some cases come to talk to me. Whenever I can, I save one more”, he says.

On the property, according to the protector, the animals receive love and affection, are neutered, sanitized, in addition to receiving daily care and regular veterinary visits.

“There are eight to 10 people with them 24 hours a day. We have about 15 cribs where the disabled are collected and some divisions where the blind and paraplegics are kept. We made a playpen so they can be free in the sun. run and play. But they love to stay inside the house, where everyone sleeps, close to the humans who take care of them”, he says.

The animals arrive from all over Brasilia and surroundings. Friends and followers of Deuzenice’s social networks indicate those who are abandoned. Others help the initiative financially — the space has a high consumption of alcohol, disinfectant, water, washing powder, fabric softeners, bleach, liquid soaps, baby and geriatric diapers.

Animals arrive from all over Brasilia and surroundings

Image: Personal archive

“And also veterinary products that are virucidal, bactericidal, fungicides, curatives in general, medicines for the most varied types of diseases. The resource comes from godmothers who help us monthly, friends who asked for the rescue of such an animal and help monthly. all help comes through appeals on social networks”, he says.

After recovery, the animals are available to anyone who wants to adopt. Deuzenice explains that people who follow the work on social networks seek to know the adoption procedure. She takes information about the chosen one to the aspiring tutor and assesses whether the house has the structure to receive the pet. When everything goes well, the tutor still needs to sign a disclaimer.

Dogs - Personal archive - Personal archive

Site has specific spaces for the most vulnerable animals

Image: Personal archive

‘They are like daughters’

Beautician Daniela Ribas, 44, and her husband, publicist Fábio Paim, 50, adopted three female dogs from the Deuzenice farm. Sansa, Luna and Brisa, who is blind, are 3 years old and have adapted well to their new home.

THE echo, the couple says they got to know the site through Agropecuária Girassol, which is located at DF-425, in Sobradinho. One of their dog had passed away and the two were still grieving. Upon discovering Deuzenice’s work, the desire to meet the sheltered animals arose.

“My dog ​​was like a daughter. Fábio wanted as a Father’s Day gift a dog that was adopted and not bought like all the other dogs we had. Deuzenice, I explained that I wanted a puppy and she introduced me to the girls. I chose one. Days later I caught her sister. Deuzenice said that the third was blind, we felt sorry for her and caught her too”, says Daniela.

Dogs - Personal archive - Personal archive

Beautician Daniela Ribas adopted three female dogs from the farm

Image: Personal archive

The dogs became the couple’s daughters. They sleep with both and receive lots of love daily. Daniela and Fábio evaluate the work that is important for the health of the animals and to find new, responsible tutors.

“Deuzenice is the closest being to God I know, committed to doing good and saving lives. I’m far from having the guts and strength to overcome the challenges of taking care of so many weakened animals”, says the beautician.

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