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From diagnosis to cure, dealing with cancer, one of the most feared diseases, requires, above all, strength and will to live. This Friday (8), on World Cancer Day, the g1 prepared a report that shows the most common types of cancer being treated at the Associação de Combate ao Câncer do Centro-Oeste de Minas (Acccom), the largest complex for treating the disease in the entire region, serving a population estimated at 1 .3 million people.

The article also shows the struggle of physical therapist Cleice Aparecida Santos and businessman Maurício Venceslau, who overcame the disease.

In this report you will also see:

  1. What are the most common types of cancer being treated at Acccom?
  2. How to seek treatment at the unit after diagnosis?
  3. Patients talk about fighting the disease
  4. Get to know Acccom since its foundation

Cancer treatment room at Acccom — Photo: Acccom/Disclosure

1 – What are the most common types of cancer being treated at Acccom?

According to a survey carried out by the g1 together with Acccom, the most common type of cancer being treated at the unit is that of the urinary tract, which includes the prostate. See the percentage of each type of disease being treated at Acccom:

  • Urology: urinary tract tumors – 23.54%
  • Head and Neck: Tumors originating in the head and neck region – 14.95%
  • Oncology: tumors of the digestive system – 13.59%
  • Gynecology: tumors of the gynecological region – 12.02%
  • Mastology: breast tumors – 10.23%

2 – How to seek treatment at the unit after diagnosis?

Once diagnosed, the patient will be referred to the Hospital do Câncer de Divinópolis through the SUS — Photo: Acccom/Disclosure

According to information provided by Accom, after being diagnosed, the patient will be referred to the Hospital do Câncer de Divinópolis through the Unified Health System (SUS), which may be through the Health Department, the Health Post or other health bodies in the city of origin of the same.

The referral received at the Hospital do Câncer de Divinópolis will be analyzed and classified according to the framework of priorities and thus consultations will be scheduled following the classification.

How is the treatment of the aforementioned cancers?

  • Surgical treatment
  • drug treatment
  • radiation treatment

3 – Patients talk about the fight against the disease

Cleice won the battle against breast cancer in February 2022 — Photo: Cleice Aparecida/Personal Archive

Healthy life, periodically performed exams and in the midst of such regular habits of health maintenance, physical therapist Cleice Aparecida Santos discovered the disease in October 2020, in one of the best stages of life: pregnant.

The discovery of breast cancer came on the 34th of pregnancy and when gathering strength to start the battle, she chose to start chemotherapy sessions even before the birth of the child, after a consultation where she was reassured that there would be no risks for the baby.

With treatment started, Valentino was born at 37 weeks and Cleice, despite the initial shock with the diagnosis, was filled with hope and has been living motherhood to the fullest. A week after giving birth, she restarted chemotherapy sessions and, even in the face of the difficulties of the disease, she remained strong in the role of mother, wife, daughter and professional.

So many responsibilities served as fuel, which increased every day the desire and search for a cure for cancer. And it was precisely because of the strength that it always had that the battle against the disease was recently won, in February 2022.

“I noticed the lump in the breast and looked for my doctor, with 15 days we closed the diagnosis of breast cancer and the lump was already 7 centimeters. In November 2020 I had the first pregnant chemotherapy session. In December 2020 they anticipated delivery, I could only breastfeed for a week, because I had to go back to chemotherapy 7 days postpartum. I had chemotherapy, 16 sessions [total] until April 2021. In May 2021 I had the surgery to remove both breasts. I had to take the other one out for prevention, because I have a genetic mutation that favors the development of cancer. In July 2021 I had 15 radiotherapy sessions. In November I had reconstructive plastic surgery. From August 2021 to February 2022 I underwent oral chemotherapy. Today I am fully healed, happier and even stronger,” she said.

In 2018, businessman Maurício Venceslau, 60, saw on the skin of his left arm, a stain that was often itchy and sometimes bleeding. Healing was difficult and so he went to a dermatologist.

The darkened color and the patient’s reports about living with the stain were enough to confirm the cancer. The most suitable treatment for Maurício was surgery, followed by radiotherapy and chemotherapy, to stop the growth of the cancer and the possibility of affecting other organs.

The following year, in 2019, he finished the treatment and today he is proud of the protective habits that he did not adopt before.

“I simply disregarded all the most common care, such as sunscreen, even the UV protection shirt. Today I don’t go without and I make a point of passing this on to everyone. Facing cancer, whatever it may be, is not an easy task. “, he said.

4 – Get to know Acccom since its foundation

Exactly 27 years ago, the Association for Combating Cancer of the Midwest of Minas Gerais (Acccom) has made a difference throughout the region in the treatment of one of the most feared diseases. The association was born and developed from the perception of the suffering of those who lived with cancer and did not have a place for treatment in the region for free.

The first years of the entity were marked by the effort towards the construction of the Cancer Hospital, which was inaugurated by Acccom in 2001 and transferred fully equipped to the administration of the São João de Deus Health Complex (CSSJD). Currently, the hospital has 5 thousand m² and is a reference in the treatment of cancer in the region, having already performed more than 200 thousand consultations per year through the SUS.

Again, thinking about the suffering of the family with a loved one undergoing treatment, in 2004, the Support House was built with the objective of welcoming patients and companions, allowing access to specialized services complementary to the treatment, not offered at the Cancer Hospital. .

As a result, Acccom, through Casa de Apoio, started to offer 80 beds that welcome patients and companions daily, in addition to providing daily meals to service users.

In view of further advances to ensure the well-being of all those assisted, in 2011, the Administrative Center was built, with the objective of providing better management of the entity, with the expansion and modernization of fundraising to improve the services provided to the association patients.

In 2017, the 2,400-meter Cancer Center was inaugurated, which offers support services for cancer treatment, with care in psychology, psychiatry, physiotherapy, dentistry, social work, nursing, dermatology, palliative and family medicine.

It also carries out preventive and educational actions in the fight against cancer and speeds up the scheduling of consultations and surgeries, as well as offering and paying for exams. The new building brought modernity, space, comfort to patients and allowed the acquisition of equipment for diagnostic exams, such as the mammography unit.

In 2019, in recognition of the hundreds of volunteers who dedicate time and work to the entity, a place was opened for them, called the Volunteer Center.

Pediatric Oncology Ward

In January 2021, the Association for Combating Cancer of the Midwest of Minas Gerais delivered to Divinópolis and the Midwest region of Minas, the Pediatric Oncology Wing Antônio Carlos Quirino Costa of the Hospital do Câncer de Divinópolis. A space prepared and equipped to attend, simultaneously, nine children in chemotherapy and two in beds.

The space has a team of professionals, formed by a hematologist, a pediatric oncologist, a surgeon, in addition to the multidisciplinary team. The wing was handed over to the CSSJD administration, continuing the partnership in the care already provided to the adult patient.

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