Xuxa talks about books released and a video that went viral on the web

Xuxa will have a series about her life (Photo: Disclosure/Globo)

A video with predictions of a robot that participated in “Xuxa Park” (Globo), from the 90s, went viral last week. In it, the character, who “came” from 2023, guaranteed: “We are very happy, nature is in us, we are all fine. There are no wars. Human beings have become aware of peace (…) Without drugs, without violence, the future is beautiful”. In an exclusive interview, she says:

— We are talking at a time close to the elections, people are hopeless. I think the word is desperate with what will happen. Today I saw a video of people putting anointed oil on weapons. It got me down so bad… If they’re raising it in the name of God… That’s the guy down there and not the guy up there. I’m really scared, desperate. The word is not hopeless, no.

Xuxa comments on an old video that went viral on social media (Photo: Blad Meneghel and Reproduction/Globo)Xuxa comments on an old video that went viral on social media (Photo: Blad Meneghel and Reproduction/Globo)

To give her contribution to positive currents, the presenter has put her name on projects for diversity and against prejudice, among them the series “Caravan of drags” (Prime Video) and the recently released book “Maya: Baby Rainbow”, about a child who is the daughter of two mothers. The story was inspired by her friends’ daughter:

I wanted people to know a little of the feeling I had there at the time, of two mothers who fought, who fought, who had insemination, who wanted motherhood so much, you know? I talked about prejudice in a playful way. I worried a lot, not only about Maya’s, but about other mothers. Vanessa, who is one of those in the story, is my “sister”. She made several songs from the DVD Xuxa Só Para Baixinhos. I can say that the love I have for Vavá is enormous. I was very afraid that prejudice existed around this subject due to the sad moment we are living.

Another publication launched is the book that shows that Xuxa is part of the “twelve vegan tribe”, as she nicknames herself. “Mimi: the cow that didn’t want to become food” (Globo Livros) is hers with Guilherme Francini:

I’ve been vegan for a while. And I feel really bad that I didn’t turn around sooner. I always had a passion for animals and ended up eating fish from time to time, chicken, seafood. I was forced to eat because I believed that the protein came from the animal and not from the vegetable, from the green. After Junno (your husband) presented me with a documentary called “Earthlings”, my head clicked and I began to delve into the subject.

The gaúcha recalls that, after delving deeper, she insisted that everyone around her pay the same attention to the topic:

I’ve become that person who wants to shove the matter down his throat, you know? I was unbearable, I talked all the time! They didn’t want to come near me anymore. I invited the paquitas to come to my house and put vegan pizza, to catechize the poor girls (laughs). Sometimes I spoke harshly. Then I talked to someone who has been vegan for a long time and I heard: “Look, if you keep saying that, it will scare you. It’s not like that. You have a direct channel with children. Talk to them”.

When the book was launched at the Bienal de São Paulo, some of the Queen’s statements had repercussions. One was that men who eat a meatless diet can have “stronger erections.”

I didn’t want this to raise discord between people or for them to speak well or badly. I just wanted to get my message across — says Xuxa, referring the finding to information from the documentary “Diet of gladiators” (Netflix). I was sure that this subject would be talked about, that it would attract attention. For us vegans, this is not bad. At least it served to research more.

At her home, she, her husband and their daughter, Sasha Meneghel, share a meatless diet. The motivations for joining were diverse. The presenter details:

Sa didn’t like to watch documentaries “with animals suffering”. Then I said: “Funny, huh? You light incense, use pebbles, crystal to bring good energy and put death and suffering energy inside your body”. She looked at me very seriously: “Wow, mom. You’re so heavy… I stopped.” In my case, I became vegan because I saw these movies. In the case of Ju (58 years old), he became a vegan because his health was unbalanced: very high triglycerides and cholesterol. His father died at 60, his grandfather at 65…Everyone goes for a reason.

Xuxa’s desire to teach about meatless food has the same intensity as her desire to learn about topics she doesn’t master. That’s what happened in “Caravan of Drags”, a program about which covers participants of the acronym LGBTQIAP + She will present the attraction with Ikaro Kadoshi and explains how she became comfortable with the subject:

“One of the things he said to me was, ‘I won’t let go of your hand.’ And he didn’t let go either at the beginning, or in the middle or at the end. And I’m sure it will get better and better. The intention is for us to try to communicate with everyone in harmony. To Ikaro and whoever approaches me I will ask for help.

There are urgent issues and it is on these that Xuxa says she wants to focus. At 59, the artist who sold millions of records with songs about love and hope says she is appalled by the hate speech:

“It seems like people are comfortable saying they don’t like gay people, that they can do anything in the name of God. That, for me, is the height of the crown. I can’t understand a lot of people clapping for this. And in that robot video, if we could say what we want for 2023, it would be the opposite of everything we see now. Nature is being killed, activists and people fighting for indigenous people are leaving, son killing father, father killing son. It’s a desperation, something so crazy, so crazy, that it seems like we’re not going to stop. I’ve always raised this banner of “good morning, don’t lose hope, let’s go, head forward”… Today, if I were to do a program like that, I would say: “Yes, people, business is heavy. Let’s pray, ask God , think positive, but it’s hard”. As positive as I am, I know things aren’t looking good.

Xuxa says she had a serious conversation with Sasha about veganism (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)Xuxa says she had a serious conversation with Sasha about veganism (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)