you can now take your dog when you go to municipal service centers

It’s official: you can now take your dog when you go to municipal service centers

With the seal “Espaço Amigos dos Animais”, the municipality of Oeiras takes another step towards becoming even more pet friendly.

The company of all times.

How many times have you thought, while walking your dog, that you could combine these moments with other tasks, namely dealing with bureaucratic issues and, thus, making the most of your time? Or simply because he enjoys his pet’s company and would like to be able to take him to more places, even when he has to take care of business at public service desks.

It is common for owners to take their four-legged friends for a coffee on the terrace with friends or for a concert in an outdoor garden, but when there are issues to resolve in places that provide municipal services, for example, this does not happen. Try to avoid dogs having to be left alone at the door, on a leash, while they wait for their owners.

As of last Thursday, June 9, this scenario has changed. You will be happy to know that all public service posts in Oeiras have become pet friendly. It is true, all citizens who go to any service center in the municipality can bring their dog with them. “In Oeiras, animals are welcome”, can be read in a statement from the municipality.

A seal “Espaço Amigos dos Animais” is visible at each service station. The first was placed on the morning of Thursday, June 9, at the Paços do Concelho service desk.

But this novelty does not stop there. The Oeiras City Council also intends to extend this measure to commercial and service establishments. Thus, a campaign was launched with the merchants of the municipality so that they adhere to this initiative. The objective is that pets are welcome in all public service establishments in the county.

This measure, applied within the scope of the Municipal Animal Policy, began with a pilot project that started on the 9th of May, at the service stations of the Union of Parishes of Algés, Linda-a-Velha and Cruz Quebrada/Dafundo. Given the success it had with the citizens, the municipality decided to extend it to the entire county.

In each participating location, a seal “Espaço Amigos dos Animais” will be available, which must be pasted in a visible place, so that customers know, from the outset, that whenever they need to go to that space, they can take their dog. If you are a trader and want to join this program, you can request the seal at your Parish Council or by contacting the Municipal Animal Welfare Unit (214 408 765).

But with rights come duties, and freedom brings responsibility. Therefore, take note of the necessary precautions to be taken if you want to be accompanied by your dog in these spaces. The animal’s guardian must have their own documentation with them, as well as the animal’s up-to-date vaccination record and respective chip record. In addition, the animals will always have to move under the supervision of their tutors, using a leash not exceeding one meter (and functional muzzle when necessary) or in carts or bags suitable for their transport.

Keep in mind that there are some cases of dogs that are prevented from entering these spaces, namely dogs of breeds considered potentially dangerous, under the terms of DL n.º 315/2009, of 29 October, animals that are debilitated or sick, or even animals in heat.

The seal that confirms whether the space is animal-friendly.

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