Young man shot by firefighter at a fast-food chain speaks for the first time and details the discussion: “I was shot because of R$4”; watch

This Sunday (22), Mateus Domingues Carvalho, 21, shot by a fire brigade sergeant in a fast-food chain in Rio de Janeiro, spoke for the first time about the case. To “Fantástico”, he revealed details of what happened on the fateful night and what motivated the shooting. “My life literally changed overnight”he said.

According to Mateus, Paulo César Albuquerque was already nervous in the drive-thru queue, even before being served. “When he arrived around two in the morning there was a car ahead of him. It was very full of people and he was already very upset back there. Honking a lot, a lot, a lot”remembered.

In the report, the young man said that the firefighter made the request, but only at the end of the service did he say he would like to use a “discount coupon”. The attendant then explained that it was necessary to inform about this at the beginning. Paulo would have been disgusted and jumped out of the car, towards the employee. “I said: ‘I’ll treat him well, give him a good day like I do with everyone else, put a smile on his face to ease the situation’. Then he: ‘The Big Mac promotion.’ After I completed the purchase, he showed the coupon. It was a very futile thing, man.” continued.

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The establishment’s internal circuit images show that, after beating Mateus, the military invaded the restaurant’s kitchen, already with the gun in his hand, and headed in the direction of the attendant. Other employees and customers appear in the video as the shooting takes place. At this moment, the 21-year-old falls to the ground, already injured, and is helped by a co-worker. Paulo, in turn, leaves the establishment, while keeping his weapons in his belt.

“If he waited a minute I would call the manager, he would hit the coupon. He was going to take what he wanted. If I’m not mistaken, the coupon gives a difference of R$4. I was shot because of R$4. It’s still hard to accept that in a few seconds, and for such a trivial reason, my whole life has changed like this. It didn’t just hurt my body, so it’s going to hurt for a long time. The damage has been done, this is something that takes time to heal.”said Matthew.

Exact moment when Paulo and Mateus exchange punches in the cafeteria’s drive-thru booth. (Photo: Reproduction/UOL)

“I can no longer live alone. I can’t lie down, I can’t go to the bathroom, I can’t even dry my legs by myself. My dream is to be a veterinarian, so I was working, saving money to go to college later on, and I thought it was close. All that excitement turned to fear.”he added. Watch:

After the shooting, the boy was taken to the Lourenço Jorge Municipal Hospital, in Barra da Tijuca. The young man had to remove his left kidney and part of his large intestine. He is still wearing a colostomy bag, and in the next two months he is due to undergo further surgery to remove it. “He is a young patient, has had a good recovery and will undergo intestinal reconstruction, so that he can have a normal life again”said Dr. Edson Pires, director of the hospital.

Screenshot 2022 05 09 At 14.38.55
Mateus Domingues Carvalho, 21, was shot in the belly in the early hours of Monday (9). (Photo: Personal Archive)

Mateus’ only request is that he not stay in the same store where he was shot. “The company must move to another location that is easily accessible to them. But so soon he is unable to perform any activity, due to the injuries he has”said the lawyer João Tancredo.

In a statement, McDonald’s regretted what had happened and said it quickly helped the employee. “The company is following up and giving full support to their families and is already collaborating with the investigations into the case.“, he stated. Also, according to the statement, McDonald’s “will make Mateus feel as comfortable as possible when he gets back to work”.

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Paulo César Albuquerque presented himself to the police station responsible for the case, after the images circulated on social networks. He was taken into custody on Friday (20) and, in testimony, claimed that the shooting was accidental. The defense of the military says that there are no requirements for preventive detention and that it will try to revoke it as soon as possible.

On the night of the crime, Paulo César was driving a Mercedes without a license plate. “We are going to open a new investigation to try to understand the origin of this heritage, which is apparently incompatible with the position he holds. He is a sergeant in the Fire Department.”, said delegate Ângelo Lages. To “Fantástico”, the Rio de Janeiro Fire Department informed that the suspect is away from the corporation and could be expelled.

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